About Us

Wristelite [pronounced ristlahyt]: Wristelite is a patented wrist rest designed to alleviate discomfort and help reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when using the computer. It stays in place at the user’s wrist by means of an adjustable band. Moreover, it can equally be used as a traditional wrist support by tucking the band downward. This unique feature makes Wristelite the world’s first and only reversible wrist rest! Used in any position, it provides elevation above the platform of the computer keyboard and mouse.

A featured product on MSNBC, Wristelite was designed to be what the stationary wrist rest was intended to be. It is made of super light neoprene fabric, and the inside is filled with ergonomic and supportive memory foam. This wrist support promotes comfort while typing on the computer keyboard, scrolling with the computer mouse, writing by hand and reading. Beyond just function, with its sleek design, bold colors, and reversible band, Wristelite is a wearable fashion accessory, yet equally functions as an office supply.