Why Wristelite?

Wristelite provides elevation, comfort and support when worn at the wrist. It makes scrolling with the computer mouse or typing on the keyboard less stressful and helps to reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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"Due to daily use of my PC, working my home based business online, I tend to have discomfort on my right wrist. I learned about the wrist support tool from WRISTELITE from a very good friend of mine. He told me about the benefits of the technology that's being used to make this product so unique and worth the money to invest in. I wasn't convinced until I actually bought it and tried it for myself. And I have to "write" (say)... while I'm using it at this moment... what a relief!"

Jose T., New York City, NY

It’s comforting for computer users to know that wristelite would be beneficial in minimizing carpal-tunnel syndrome as well as tendonitis. This should be the primary focus of the info on the other site. Good day to you and your staff sir."

Georges J., Switzerland